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About Us

Who We Are?


Global Energy for Investment & Industry is a local firm of Infrastructure & Electromechanical Contracting. It was established in Egypt on 2010, our firm has built an enviable reputation in electromechanical Engineering and development of contracting and construction projects; meeting the needs and requirements of a highly diversified clients.

In each project, our goal is to see our contribution translate into added value. We are obligated to remain on the cutting edge of technological development, notably in energy efficiency and “sustainable buildings”. Creation and innovation are our way during project execution . We are particularly honored that our work is been recognized in those fields.

Our abilities is to be associated with a project from the design phases of its development. We favor close cooperation with architects and play an active role in the design of their projects

Global Energy offers a wide range of services such as design, supply and installation of Infrastructure works, Air conditioning, Electrical, Sanitary, Plumbing, and Fire Protection. Fully computerized design facilities coupled with advanced technical and engineering skills, our company has carried out environmental control for a number of prestigious buildings such as commercial ,residential, hotels, entertainment and shopping malls ,water treatment planets , electrical power plants and distribution plants.

Throughout our experience, we have assembled one of the most talented and experienced teams in the field. Our professionals all share the same passion for their organization.

The synergy of disciplines and the resulting integration of services guarantee the best results.


Our Vision

GE Provides best Customized Solutions to sustain Productivity and Growth.


Our Mission

GE’s Team is committed to deliver the best superior service in the most professional way, for mutual benefits with our clients and shareholders.


Our Core Values



We made a company that people want to work for.


We keep our promises.
We treat each other like we want to be treated ourselves.
We respect the environment where we work.


If it is not right, we don’t do it .

If it is not true, we don’t say it .


We encourage individual ownership, but work as a team.


We ensure a safe and healthy environment for our community.


Global Group


We will be happy to assist you with any question