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Electromechanical contracting is one of the main specialized services provided by GEC, as it provides high-quality services in both design and engineering for all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing works related to industrial, commercial, and residential projects, hospitals, and towers, which is represented in the supply, installation, operation, and maintenance

of the following :

  1. Electrical power networks and communications for infrastructure projects.

  2. Electric power stations with medium and low voltage.

  3. High, medium, and low-voltage panels.

  4. Comprehensive control systems, control panels, and computer systems.

  5. Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) works.

  6. Firefighting Works

  7. Comprehensive control systems, control panels, and computer systems.

  8. Works the smoke alarm and fire extinguishing systems for various projects and buildings.

  9. Works of electric power and light current systems, including: (audio systems, paging systems, lighting control systems, closed-circuit television systems, central timing systems, and time control) for all types of facilities and public buildings, hotels, hospitals, airports, banks, and clubs.

  10. All electrical works for various factories.

  11. Earthing works and lightning rods.

  12. Street lighting works

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